Experimental Station 8-2

BL8-2 can be used to probe a wide range of core levels using photoemission and x-ray absorption spectroscopy. At BL 8-2, two end-stations have been composed for the general user program. The first end-station is a high throughput setup for soft x-ray spectroscopy measurement – Upgrades in progress include a fixed position multipurpose chamber with a load lock system for high throughput sample loading, capable of probing a wide range of materials with absorption and photoemission techniques. The second end-station is designed for controlling a temperature (4 - 350 K) and pressure (10-4 ~ 10-11 Torr) during XAS measurement.

Supported Techniques
Photoemission spectroscopy
Soft x-ray absorption spectroscopy (Electron yield and Fluorescence yield)
Main Scientific Disciplines
Condensed Matter Physics
Materials Sciences
Beam Line Specifications


Bending magnet, 4.0 mrad acceptance

  Energy Range Resolution ΔE/E Spot Size Flux (ph/sec)
Focused 100 - 1300 eV ≥ 4 X 10-4 > 0.1 X 0.1 mm2 1 X 1010



  • M0: horizontal deflecting, flat, water-cooled
  • M1: vertical focusing 10:1, elliptically cylinder
  • Monochromator: 6 m spherical grating monochromator
  • M3: horizontal refocusing 1:1, cylinder
  • M4: vertical refocusing 1:1, cylinder



  1. endstation - Cylindrical mirror  analyzer
  2. endstation - Open-circle Janis cryostat
Sample Environment
  • UHV
  • 1st endstation
    • Sample temperature: 300 K
    • Sample size: < 15 X 15 mm2
  • 2nd enstation
    • Sample temperature: 4 - 350 K
    • Sample size: < 10 X 10 mm2
Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • SPEC
  • Igor Pro
Beam Line Phone
Beam Line Contact
Beam Line Engineering Notes

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